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What is an IT Managed Service Provider?

A managed service provider is outsourced IT management. Every IT company that uses these phrases has their own concept of what a managed service contract includes. It's important that an IT support company claiming to provide managed services is actually offering the full scope of services instead of simply charging a flat fee.

Managed service providers offer 24x7x365 IT support. That means providers will be monitoring and managing any problems that may arise. In addition to unlimited tech support, backup, and disaster recovery, providers focus on a proactive approach to a client’s technology infrastructure. Instead of reacting to problems as they come up, managed support eliminates potential issues before they become significant problems that lead to lost business time. Our proactive approach is multifaceted and is composed of an annual in-depth review, monthly assessments, and daily monitoring. Using our proactive approach to managing your IT environment, we make significant changes that lead to dramatically more up time.

Our clients gain access to a fully staffed IT department including help desk technicians, network administrators, and a dedicated chief information officer – all at a fraction of the cost and hassle of staffing an IT department. Our agreements are a fixed monthly fee and any issues that you experience are covered under this agreement. It does not matter how many times your employees have called into our help desk or how many hours we have spent on site resolving problems; it’s the same price every month.

Protecting your business from the increasing amount of cyber attacks is a top priority for all of our customers. However, with the growing complexity of these attacks, figuring what you need to protect your business and how to implement it is a full-time job. We offer our clients a top of the line defense against security threats, which includes a firewall, web filtering, and antivirus and malware software.
Our support staff will handle communication with all of your IT-related vendors. We will call on your behalf about any issues you are experiencing and show up at your office if the provider needs us to.
By partnering with us, our clients quickly find that they are wasting less time dealing with overwhelming IT issues and can focus on what matters - their business.
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