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The dental industry is another area that Bedrock can add IT expertise. Many practices are still in the initial stages of rolling out electronic practice management and Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. We can provide best practices, including training and support, to get your office up to its top IT functionality.

We are experts in supporting practice management software and imaging software such as:

  • Open Dental

  • Eaglesoft

  • Dolphin

  • Dexis

  • Perio-Exec

  • DSN

In addition, Bedrock can provide guidance regarding upcoming HIPAA and other pending governmental regulations in the dental industry. Together, we will add a new level of efficiency to your practice as well as guide you through the regulatory process.


Our dental clients include:


  • Single Dental Provider

  • Multi-Site Dental Locations

  • Specialty Dental Groups


Let's add your dental group here!

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