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Is your business work from home ready?

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Not sure if you have the tools needed to have your employees work safely from home? We can help.

As federal, state, and local governments are urging people to stay home while COVID-19 cases rise, business continuity doesn't need to suffer! We specialize in on-premise, hybrid, and cloud-based communication solutions. With a workforce more connected now than ever, maintaining a stable communications network is essential to keep your business running effectively.

We have a number of vendors we work that allow your employees to work remote anywhere, at any time. Many of them are offering solutions at little to no cost to new customers who are being affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Right now RingCentral is offering new non-profit, education and healthcare industry customers impacted by COVID-19 free access to RingCentral Office for 3 months. This includes 100 participants per video meeting. Offer valid 3/11/20 - 6/15/20.

Mitel is offering an introductory trial offer to new or existing MiCollab customers for 6 months of free service with MiTeam Meetings. MiTeam Meetings is Mitel's new continuous collaboration video meeting application that functions seamlessly so it feels like everyone's working in the same room.

Get in touch with our Director of Business Development Damon Bowen for a free consultation: [email protected] or 570.580.1124 x 101.

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