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The Importance of Remote Support for IT Managed Services

Bedrock Technology Ticket Service Board

A managed services provider is an outsourced IT management consultant. At Bedrock, our help desk is available to your employees, and our experienced help desk techs will troubleshoot any problem your company is facing - from resetting passwords to troubleshooting networking issues.

Remote support allows IT technicians to access a client's computer which can be located anywhere in the world. Remote support applications and software allow techs to assist customers as if they were physically present to troubleshoot various issues. Remote support tools include features such as desktop sharing and file transfer. Above all, remote support is cost-effective and green because the technician doesn't need to drive to where ever your computer or other device is located.

There are plenty of benefits where remote support is available:

  • Decreased site visits reduces the cost associated with travel and transport, and time is maximized. Managed service providers typically charge a monthly flat fee which means reliable service.

  • Support is available 24x7x365 from anywhere.

  • Customers have access to a pool of techs with varying expertise.

  • Builds customer loyalty.

  • Quick response means limited disruption for the customer, so that they can continue to focus on their business while a tech can diagnose and fix issues with little to no interruption.

  • Techs can focus on proactive maintenance vs. break-fix issues.

  • Daily monitoring allows techs to identify any potential threats to your business and eliminate them before they cause any issues.

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