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Benefits of Speech Recognition Software

Healthcare organizations are being constantly pressured to improve clinical documentation. Not only does improved documentation aid in abiding regulatory compliance, it also can also lead to improved patient outcomes, better financial reimbursements, and patient satisfaction.

Speech recognition software, like Dragon Medical, can help clinicians to achieve these goals.

1. Time

Clinicians want to maximize the time spent with patients and minimize the time spent documenting. By using Dragon Medical, doctors can complete documentation during and immediately after a patient visit. Instead of navigating through the EHR with "click and type" - doctors can use their voice to speed up the process. Dragon Dictation software is 99% accurate and three times faster than using a traditional mouse and keyboard. Clinicians are also able to add more detailed notes easily and quickly by using their voice. Training for Dragon Medical software is fast – it takes less than 15 minutes to set up a profile and complete the training. The software is designed to adapt to your voice and learns how you speak.

2. Money

Dragon Medical software has a fast ROI with most physicians recovering their cost in less than three months. Additionally, using speech recognition software eliminates the need to hire transcriptionists. Practices that use Dragon Medical software earn a higher rate of reimbursement than those that use point-and-click templates alone.

3. Compliance

Dragon Medical Practice Edition supports HIPAA patient confidentiality guidelines. There are many incentives and penalties associated with the Meaningful Use provision of the Affordable Care Act. Using speech recognition software is an easy way to increases clinician adoption of EHRs and boosts Meaningful Use compliance.

Bedrock Technology is a certified reseller of Dragon Medical dictation software. With this certification, we are able to sell, train, and help implement Dragon medical throughout your healthcare practice. We can even create customized templates to reduce repetitve tasks and maximize efficiency!

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