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MiVoice Office 250

MiVoice Office 250 system is a digital/IP platform that supports up to 250 users. MiVoice Office is designed to scale along with your growing business and offers add-on modules and processors for additional features. There is a low cost of total ownership – the MiVoice Office 250 increases employee productivity and streamlines communication with clients which leads to improvements in customer service. The system also supports digital handsets and can reuse existing wiring or the latest in IP phones.


Out of the box, MiVoice Office 250 includes a variety of streamlined communication features to enhance employee productivity and lead to increased profits. The system includes integration with third-party business applications such as IVRs, call recording solutions, and CRM. The need for conference call services is eliminated with MiVoice Office – it includes a conference assistant and conference access codes. It can handle 20 parties in a single conference and up to 40 simultaneous conference resources whenever there is a need for multiple conferences at once. It also includes unlimited voice messaging with automated attendants and email synchronization – all which lead to increased employee productivity and customer satisfaction. Flexible routing allows you to route calls based on longest idle, balanced call count, and circular and linear distribution. Inbound calls can also be routed based on the time of day, specific days, or days of the week. The routing options can also be based on department if your business has multiple departments with different needs for call routing.


In today’s mobile workforce, hotdesking and twinning are vital to maintaining a connection with employees no matter where your employees are. For employees who do not have a dedicated desk in the office, hot-desking is available. This allows for the employee to ‘log in’ to a phone whenever they are in the office, and the phone will have the settings they customized. Twinning allows users to receive calls on up to nine devices simultaneously. Calls can also be handed off from mobile to desk phone. For remote employees, there is no server, licensing, or additional cost.    


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